About NFDA

At NFDA we aim to help our students achieve excellence in DANCE + LIFE. That is our More Than Just Great Dancing!® philosophy and at this time in history, that’s more important than ever before!

Dance meets imperative student needs for community, socialization, friendship, mentors, physical activity, and more! The benefits of dance include, but are not limited to: intellectual, academic, social-emotional, and physical support.

As we step into this new season together, we will be growing and evolving with several positive changes. NFDA has expanded and will now have two locations. Studio North is located in Green, and Studio South is located in Jackson Township. Although we have two locations, both will be called “New Focus Dance Academy”. We will continue to promote the same positive, knowledgable and fun dance education to dancers at all levels and ages. If you are a dancer in our recreational program, you can register at either location to accommodate your busy schedules! Our mission is to not only provide an excellent dance education to dancers, but we also teach dance to make great kids. Each and every dancer has a safe space to foster their passion and set them up for a successful future. So, whether you are taking your first class or preparing for your senior year, we say, “Welcome Home!” At NFDA, you are family.


The goal of NFDA is to provide advanced training that goes above and beyond.  Our staff will provide a wealth of knowledge from their professional careers and pass it on to each dancer.  A professional atmosphere will be held at a high standard creating well-rounded performers.  Our advanced dancers will receive training from guest choreographers to gain outside experience from some of the biggest names in the industry.

NFDA promotes POSITIVITY!  We want every dancer to achieve their goals while feeling confident and uplifted. At NFDA, we believe that every child should be a leader. We encourage students to take what they learn and apply it to the real world. At NFDA, we believe kindness and motivation go a long way! If you have determination, a positive attitude, and FOCUS, then anything is possible!